Why should you join Senate? Besides being a voice for your fellow Bobcats, read below why your representatives love their jobs! 

"I'm so glad to get the opportunity to engage in issues

that I care about and meet other students who want to

be involved."


- Owen Yates-McEwan

   LGBTQA Senator (2019/2020)

"Senate provides a passionate, dedicated community where you push each other to try your best and get your voice out there. Overall, Senate makes me happy to be a Bobcat!"


- Lydia Ramlo

President Emerita

"Student Senate has allowed me to meet some of my best friends on campus. I love advocating for students and being given the chance to be a student leader, which is something I never thought I would get to do"

- Janie Peterson

Interim President

"Student Senate has given me a voice on campus to be able to advocate for positive change for students"

- Danielle Klein

Interim Vice President