The Academic Affairs Commission works with faculty, academic colleges, and administration on all scholastic matters to help students get the most out of their college experience, whether by representing student opinion through its elected College Senators, or by promoting educational initiatives on campus. Past and ongoing projects include the improvement of advising systems, adding more online classes, and optimizing the assessment of student grievances.




The commission on black affairs acts as a liaison between the Black community at OU and student senate and advocates for the issues that black students on campus face. It aims to promote visibility through many cultural events such as pageants and movie screenings as well as awareness and education.


The Commission shall represent students traditionally underserved by the university community, including, but not limited to, students of various ethnicities and nationalities, non-traditional students, students with learning disabilities, and students with physical disabilities. The Commission shall assist minority students who have grievance with the university and also serve as a liaison with offices, departments, committees and organizations involved with the concerns of minority students.




The Student Senate Governmental Affairs Commission advocates for students and student interests at all levels of government. Given the increasing cost, declining public funding, and inaccessibility of affordable public higher education in the United States students need to defend their right to and the necessity of public higher education. The job of a full time student and the lack of student influence in the political system prevents students from having access to decision makers in the government. It is important the Student Senate have a Governmental Affairs Commission that addresses issues of concern to all students and the growth of public higher education.



This commission assists international students who have alliances with the university; serving as a liaison with the university's different organizations and departments that involves the interests of international students; promoting cultural awareness and creating multicultural programs to help expose international students' interests including a week long celebration of our international students.


The Off campus Commission holds events that address issues and concerns related to Off- Campus Living. We also work on projects to help students live safely off campus, and how to successfully transition from living on campus. These projects include financial workshops and fest safety forums. We also attend city council meetings and work closeLy with the city of Athens. The commission also helps plan Athens Beautification Day.




Established in 2014,The Environmental Affairs Commission is a new and unique group within the senate body that functions without a set constituency. Comprised of the Commissioner, Vice Commissioner, and interns, Environmental Affairs works on initiatives and education across campus, helping Ohio University to live up to its commitment to sustainability. Current projects include organizing the first Environmental Justice Summit and a waste reduction education campaign.


The LGBTQA Commission works with the LGBT center and community at large to ensure that all genders and people of different sexual orientations are being represented to the best of our ability. In the past, they have worked on and passed gender neutral housing, the Preferred Name Policy and planned numerous events for pride week, as well as arranged speakers to attend and educate the community.


The Residence Life Commission works to better resident’s life through work with Housing and Residence Life and organizations that directly serve on campus students. Some of the groups that Residence Life works with is: the Residents' Action Council (tRAC), Culinary Services Development Committee (CSDC), Resident Assistant Advisory Board (RAAB), and other organizations and committees. Collaboration between these parties allows the commission to work on the development of new dining halls and residence halls, departmental change and large scale projects. Each green has senators to that work on individual projects for their green, as well as projects that benefit the whole campus.




The Regional Affairs Commission is Student Senate's newest commission that represents the students that attend Ohio University's regional campuses. This group works to be the link that connects the student needs and concerns from our regional campuses to Student Senate so that all of the constituents served are included in our decision making processes each year.


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The University Life Commission is the broadest commission of Student Senate and represents the student body at large. The commission is composed of the Commissioner and Vice-Commissioner of University Life, 5 At-Large Senators, one Athletics Senator, and one Senator for Sorority & Fraternity Life. The commission addresses issues that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other commissions, including, but not limited to, health services, Inter Collegiate Athletics, alcohol-related issues, Sorority & Fraternity Life community issues, technology issues, and other issues affecting the general university community.




The Women's Affairs Commission works on issues that affect woman-identified students at Ohio University. We work to connect with the hundreds of organizations and thousands of students on the Athens campus, uniting them through issues that affect us all. Every year we plan events for Take Back the Night Week and collaborate on many other projects that deal with topical campus issues. We are here to help students connect with the administration and with other students, and are always happy to hear from other students. Please feel free to reach out to us if there's anything you think the Women's Affairs Commission can help you with.